Ng Chong

Ng Chong

Ng Chong is the founder and director of the Campus Computing Centre at United Nations University. He leads a talented team and joins forces with his team to enable business change, bring innovation, advance the computing ecosystem available to the University users.

In addition to fostering innovation and providing leadership, he brings his computing skills and knowledge to research initiatives within and beyond the data center’s boundaries. He has played the role of Chief Technology Architect in the WEMS initiative (Wildlife Enforcement Monitoring System), providing a cloud computing blueprint for secure information sharing across borders. His work in this area won the support of the LATF and participating African countries.

Prior to focusing on the directorship and operations of the ICT infrastructure, he established the Media and Technology Laboratory at United Nations University to advance the vision and concepts of a global virtual university and develop cutting-edge learning technologies, including an award-winning video centered discussion tool.

Before joining UNU, he was a lecturer at Florida State University. Previous to that, he held several ICT management, senior research, and consulting positions in the US and Latin America. He has a wealth of experience in open source software, cloud computing, networking, security, and application development spanning government and privately-funded projects.

He has published journal and peer-reviewed conference articles and book chapters in the area of online learning, collaborative computing, and applied machine learning for cyber security. He has served as co-chair and committee member at various international conferences.

Dr. Chong received graduate degrees from the University of Tokyo in Engineering (Ph.D.) and the University of New Mexico in Computer Science (MS). His research interests include cybersecurity, fault-tolerant system architectures, cloud computing, and data mining.