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Know About Us

Actions at Individual Level

Be aware

Learn about the biological diversity and endangered species, understand the intrinsic value of biological diversity, and be aware of the intricate relationships of ecosystem services integral for our survival.


Educate others on the legal issues around the endangered species and the national/international laws protecting them.

Take action

Avoid using products derived from wildlife trade, ensure that the ingredients of the products you buy are legally sourced, and do not buy products made from parts derived from wildlife. If you are buying pets, make sure they are legally documented.


Inform the authorities of any wildlife crimes that you may witness in your country or during your travel overseas based on available information.

Get involved

Donate, join advocacy groups, actively engage with us in social media to disseminate appropriate information against wildlife crime.

Actions at Organizational Level

There are several ways to contribute to the WEMS Initiative and support the enforcement efforts in compliance with national legislations, CITES and other relevant MEA.