Wildlife Enforcement Monitoring System Initiative

Bangkok Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation for Addressing Wildlife and Forest Crimes
and Attaining SDGs

AIT, Thailand (28-30 Aug 2018)

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A sneak peak of illegal trade in wildlife in WEMS member states | Courtesy of LATF & GIC-AIT  [Full View]


What is WEMS Initiative?

WEMS initiative was developed by United Nations University (UNU) in 2005 to address the challenges in wildlife law enforcement information collection, compilation, and sharing process. Under the license agreement with the UNU, the WEMS Secretariat in the Asian Institute of Technology aims to advance WEMS initiative as a collaborative and action orientated tool that will facilitate the enforcement and implementation of CITES, MEAs, and SDGs 14, 15, and 16 for the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services.