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Bytes Beyond Continents: Advancing Evidence-based Environmental Governance

Wildlife Enforcement Monitoring System Event | Hanoi Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is organizing the event with the objective to bring together governments, development partners and relevant stakeholders to discuss the tools, technologies and systematic approaches which can enable governments to channel their concerted efforts to effectively annihilate wildlife and forest crimes and meet international commitments as well as national targets.

Governments commitment to curb this multifaceted threat, which impacts negatively both the species population and the ecosystem balance, deprives local communities of sustainable livelihood options, bereaves governments of revenues and undermines the rule of law. However, escalating demand and globalization coupled with highly sophisticated and dangerous actors in the arena of illicit trafficking of wildlife and forest products have proven a lethal combination for many species of wild fauna and flora

In September 2016, AIT undertook the Wildlife Enforcement Monitoring System based on consultations with the Lusaka Agreement Task Force (LATF) and a number of Asian governments to launch the initiative in Asia, and promote transcontinental collaboration on enforcement and establish an international community of practice to facilitate capacity building and knowledge transference geared at empowering governments in the fight against this global vice. LATF has been spearheading the implementation of WEMS in Africa.

Speakers and Panelists

Bonaventure Ebayi


Lusaka Agreeement Task Force(LATF)

Remi Chandran

Specialist Researcher

National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan

Samuel Wasser

Director, Center for Conservation Biology

University of Washington

Simonetta Di Pippo


United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)

Surendra Shrestha

Vice President fot Development

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

Werner Balogh

Programme Officer


Klairong Poonpon

Director, Division of Administrative Affairs

Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Thailand

Nguyen Viet Khoi

Chief Engineer